cover image Naked and Not Ashamed: How God Redeems Our Sexuality

Naked and Not Ashamed: How God Redeems Our Sexuality

Dan Scott, . . Harvest House, $13.99 (235pp) ISBN 978-0-7369-2190-9

Some of us never got ”the talk” from our folks, and still others of us were left to the mercy of our well-meaning but possibly misguided friends. Where do we find room for someone to explain that sex is spiritual and special, yet also meant to be sought, savored and even enjoyed within the confines of a committed marriage? Enter Scott, pastor and psychologist. With a well-balanced combination of personal and professional anecdotes, scriptural reference and approachability, Scott takes the whispered rumors of sex into a spirited discussion. He doesn’t mince words—or topics—covering not only masturbation and ecstasy but also abuse and addiction. Working within the framework of a conservative Christian background, he gently (and not so gently) breaks down the walls so often created around the mysteries of intimacy, all the while stressing the need not only for covenant but for a transcendent relationship with God. In an unusual twist, Scott includes welcome references to Judaism and other religious traditions as well as Christianity. Readers struggling with this most personal part of their marriage should find comfort within these pages as they come to understand that “far from being a distraction from spiritual life, sex is a form of spiritual life.” (Feb.)