cover image Who the Bishop Knows

Who the Bishop Knows

Vannetta Chapman. Harvest House, $14.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-7369-6651-1

Chapman finishes her Amish Bishop Mysteries series with this delightful inspirational thriller about a killer who threatens a small Amish community. Bishop Henry Lapp has the uncanny ability to draw whatever he’s seen, which has already helped him solve two crimes in Monte Vista, Colo. This time, however, he didn’t see who shot and killed Jeremiah Schwartz at the Ski Hi Stampede. The community is further frightened several weeks after the shooting when Henry receives a threat to “Stay out of it” and another community member who knew Jeremiah is mysteriously run off a secluded road. High school student Naomi Miller had a relationship with Jeremiah and believes he was keeping secrets, but she isn’t sure how to separate the truth from his lies. Was he really going to Hollywood, as he claimed, and did he really run a gambling operation? When a woman is kidnapped by the killer, it’s up to Henry to find the culprit. Chapman wraps up the series nicely as Henry finally weds widow Emma Fisher; Emma’s daughter, Katie Ann, and Naomi both find true love in unexpected places. Chapman offers a fresh take on the Amish genre, but readers unfamiliar with the series would be best served by starting at the beginning. Agent: Steve Laube, Steve Laube Agency. (Mar.)