cover image HOLLYWOOD WIVES: The New Generation

HOLLYWOOD WIVES: The New Generation

Jackie Collins, . . Simon & Schuster, $26 (528pp) ISBN 978-0-7432-1634-0

In the star-studded publishing cosmos of gossipy fiction, Collins orbits securely between the likes of Dominick Dunne and Danielle Steel. Overlooking the pulpy prose, cardboard characters and soap opera melodrama, her legions of eager faithful will not be disappointed with this newest trendy fable detailing the sleazy sex habits of Hollywood's nouveau riche and infamous. Riding the crest of fame, ageless Hollywood superstar Lissa Roman is fed up with her fourth husband's cheating and has decided to throw him out. Still up for at least one more romance, Lissa gets the hots for the studly PI she hires to evict her slimy spouse. Meanwhile, her gorgeous 19-year-old daughter, Nicci Stone (whose Spanish gigolo father was Lissa's second hubby) is engaged to Evan Richter, the serious-minded half of a team of upstart film writer–producer twin brothers. But like mother, like daughter: why settle for the first guy? Nicci develops a libidinous yen for her fiancé's twin. Lost in the mists of lust and expensive living, Nicci fails to notice a suspicious car tracking her every move. Her stalker is murderous ex-con Eric Vernon, who sets in motion his plan to kidnap and ransom Nicci the same night Lissa is scheduled to appear at the opening of a glitzy new Vegas hotel and casino for a record $3 million. All this is set against assorted minor subplots featuring Lissa and Nicci's glamorous inner circles—their friends' catty chatter serves as chorus to the central dramedy. With fashions provided by Rodeo Drive and catering by Mister Chow's, this is Collins at her ultra-celeb, super-accessorized, bestselling best. Agent, Morton Janklow. Major ad/promo; Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club main selections. (June 22)