cover image Scatalog: A Compendium of Mail Ordure Delights

Scatalog: A Compendium of Mail Ordure Delights

Balloon Knot Productions. Simon & Schuster, $10.99 (120pp) ISBN 978-0-7432-3536-5

With parodies of mail order catalogs such as ""The Crapper Image,"" ""W.C. Pooterman,"" ""Toylets 'R' Us,"" and ""Modern Manurity,"" this""scatalog"" takes potty humor to a new low. After a brief introduction comparing money to excrement, the authors showcase their mock offerings: there's the""Discobowl,"" from""The Crapper Image"" (""Shake your booty while you do your duty!"");""The Potty Barn"" offers""The Presidential"" toilet bowl (""an exact reproduction of the...model from which LBJ preferred to give press conferences""); while""Bowels & Nobowl"" sells""The Public Restrooms of Madison County,""""Chicken Poop for the Soul"" and other""bestsmellers."" The authors' disapproval of catalogs and our culture of consumption may be understandable (""What can you get for the child who has everything? More of it!"" says the""Toylets""R"" Us"" catalog), but their way of expressing it isn't--few will find the vulgar jokes or the crude illustrations funny.