cover image THE RHYTHM OF LIFE: Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose

THE RHYTHM OF LIFE: Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose

Matthew Kelly, . . Fireside, $19.95 (320pp) ISBN 978-0-7432-6510-2

Now 30, Kelly began his Catholic inspirational speaking at the age of 19. In this new edition of his self-published book, Australian-born, Cincinnati-based Kelly exhorts readers to rediscover what he calls the rhythm of life: "the perfect combination of rest, activity, and pace" that will enable each of us to become "the-best-version-of-ourselves." Some will be inspired by these sermonlike essays; others will feel Kelly recycles standard self-help messages, such as "everything is a choice"and "enjoy the journey." Much, for Kelly, rests in self-discipline and control. "If you can teach yourself, condition yourself, to desire those things that are good for you, there is nothing you cannot achieve or become." Like so many self-help authors, Kelly also promotes good sleeping, eating and exercise habits, and suggests a daily hour of prayer and using the "seventh day as a day of rest, reflection, and renewal." More idiosyncratically, he predicts that what he sees as our declining civilization will end in 60 years to be replaced by a vaguely defined superior one. (Nov. 16)

Forecast: According to Fireside, Kelly's self-published books have sold 800,000 copies. Perhaps his charisma will help on his post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas 11-city tour.