cover image Where Does My Poo Go?

Where Does My Poo Go?

Jo Lindley. DK, $14.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-7440-2147-9

Following a child’s poo from flush onward, Lindley draws on her architectural design background to produce technically accurate spreads that depict each step of the sewage cycle. After a child flushes their poo (“TA-DAH!”), the waste joins “your neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor’s poo” in sewers and a sewage plant—featuring “The Battle of the Bugs” (bacteria)—traveling all the way to its return as nutritious soil and clean water. (“So, the next time you flush the toilet, say hello to the ghost of your old poo!”) Key words and easy-to-follow diagrams guide readers through the cycle, discussing the whys and hows of reusing and recycling (sludge can be used to power “machines, gadgets and gizmos”), and offering clear information for readers, who are likely to emerge no longer considering poo a number-two issue. Ages 5–7. (Mar.)