cover image The Velocity of Revolution

The Velocity of Revolution

Marshall Ryan Maresca. DAW, $17 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-0-7564-1673-7

Maresca (The People of the City) launches an exciting new series with this electrifying, genre-bending fantasy. The country of Pinogoz is divided by a harsh caste system. After Nália Enapi, an insurgent motorcycle gang member from the lowest caste, steals petrol from a delivery train, she is arrested by patrol officer Wenthi Tungét. To curb the growing insurgency in the city of Ziaparr, Wenthi is assigned to infiltrate the rebel forces, disguising himself as a member of the undercaste. He moves down the social hierarchy with the help of a drug that transfers Nália’s consciousness into his body. Tapping into her knowledge and memories—but struggling to keep her opinions at bay—Wenthi works his way to the center of the insurgent group. But what he uncovers makes him doubt everything he knows about Pinogoz. As Wenthi tumbles down the rabbit hole, the lines between fantasy, dystopia, and science fiction blur. Maresca sends the pages flying with a clever plot, well-defined characters, and high-stakes atmosphere. This tense outing will keep readers spellbound from page one. Agent: Mike Kabongo, Onyxhawke Agency. (Feb.)