cover image Life, with Cancer: The Lauren Terrazzano Story

Life, with Cancer: The Lauren Terrazzano Story

Frank Terrazzano and Paul Lonardo, foreword by Anna Q uindlen. HCI, $16.95 trade paper (312p) ISBN 978-0-7573-1663-0

Lauren Terrazzano was a journalist for Newsday—part of two Pulitzer-winning reporting teams—who died of lung cancer before she turned 40. Her father chronicles her life as she battled the illness, using excerpts from a series of columns she wrote for Newsday: "Note that the name of this column is Life, with Cancer. The emphasis is on ‘life.'" Her sense of humor remained intact during much of her illness. "…after the nurse would leave her with the [morphine lollipop] in her mouth, she was apt to twirl it around her mouth, turn to one of her friends, and proceed to do her best Shirley Temple imitation, singing: On the mor-phine lol-li-pop…" Terrazzano also lets the reader share in Lauren's many investigative stories (from air crashes to senior abuse) and her strong desire to make a difference. Critical moments include the confirmation of the diagnosis ("she was still holding out hope th everything would work out for the best") and the drastic treatment: removal of her right lung. Terrazzano's pain comes through and so does Lauren's courage, humor, and realism in the face of her deadly disease. Agent: Linda Konner, Linda Konner Literary Agency, (Oct.)