cover image CALDER PROMISE


Janet Dailey, . . Kensington, $24 (400pp) ISBN 978-0-7582-0440-0

In her eighth dip into the Calder story pool, prolific romance writer Dailey focuses on Laura Calder, the 21-year-old granddaughter of crusty Montana millionaire Chase Calder. The young woman is fresh out of college and making the obligatory rich-kid tour of Europe before she settles down to a life of, well, she's not sure. In the meantime, life is good. She's traveling with her "aunt" (really daddy's first wife) Tara and meeting lots of interesting people. Most notable among her new acquaintances are Boone Rutledge, the son of a Texas oilman, and Sebastian Dunshill, an impoverished member of British nobility. Before long it becomes clear that Laura will marry one of them. But first each man must prove himself on her home turf, the Triple C ranch back home in Blue Moon, Mont. The novel's story line is less complex than that of previous Calder novels, but Dailey's pacing, narrative, characterization and dialogue are all handled with verve and grace. Dailey/Calder fans and newbies alike ought to be pleased with this one since it's not necessary to read the previous seven in the series to enjoy it. Agent, Richard Curtis. (June 29)