cover image Dead Roots: A Bad Hair Day Mystery

Dead Roots: A Bad Hair Day Mystery

Nancy J. Cohen, . . Kensington, $20 (244pp) ISBN 978-0-7582-0658-9

In Cohen's compelling seventh mystery to feature Florida hairstylist Marla Shore (after 2004's Died Blonde ), Marla is looking forward to introducing her fiancé, detective Dalton Vail, to her extended family at a reunion on Thanksgiving weekend at Sugar Crest, a former plantation, now a reputedly haunted resort hotel that's owned by her aged aunt Polly. When Aunt Polly turns up suffocated in her bed, Marla must put on her sleuthing cap and track down a killer. Historic preservationists, real estate developers, town officials and avaricious heirs all have an interest in Sugar Crest. Between such hair-raising events as encountering ghosts and hearing strange voices and music, Marla is able to relax and enjoy the company of her family and fiancé. Well-developed characters and an intriguing historical background enhance this winning cozy. (Dec.)