cover image Remain Silent

Remain Silent

Jamie Denton, . . Kensington/Brava, $14 (326pp) ISBN 978-0-7582-1014-2

Arrested in L.A. and charged with the murder of her art restoration business partner, Jonathan Linton, Laurel Jennings fears that the evidence against her is strong enough for a conviction, especially with her fingerprints found on the murder weapon. After an anonymous tip, her ex-lover, former Los Angeles DA Damon Metcalf, returns to L.A. to represent her at her bail hearing. The Linton family's connections reach far and wide, and Damon stays on as Laurel's lawyer when no reputable L.A. criminal defense attorney will take on her case. A break-in at Laurel's business, a suspicious theft and a lucrative but sketchy restoration project deepen the mystery surrounding the death; soon there are more murders, and Laurel herself is in danger. Laurel and Damon can't keep it just collegial for very long. As the novel races toward its explosive conclusion, creative plotting insures that they have to stay together, right where romantic suspense fans will want them. (Nov.)