cover image Dating Outside Your DNA

Dating Outside Your DNA

Karen Kelley, Author Brava $14 (279p) ISBN 978-0-7582-2576-4

Kelley (My Favorite Phantom ) whips up a frothy, competent paranormal romance. Special agent Roan Hendrix is training other agents while recovering from an injury. He doesn’t like the alien Nerakians, but if he agrees to train gorgeous young half-Nerakian Lyraka, he can go back on active duty. Their mutual dislike swiftly turns to attraction, but Lyraka resists, worried that her superpowered Nerakian sex drive will lead her to injure Roan. Danger enters with vain Prince Banyon of Rovertia, who loves torturing women and wants revenge on Lyraka’s mother for resisting him and marring his beauty with a scar. When Lyraka is captured, Roan and a team of similarly sexy agents must go to dangerous Rovertia to rescue her. Though characters and plot are predictable, the sex is steamy and the pacing gallops along in this readable romp. (Dec.)