cover image The Barbecue! Bible

The Barbecue! Bible

Steven Raichlen. Workman Publishing, $30 (576pp) ISBN 978-0-7611-1317-1

The title of the latest assemblage from the author of James Beard Award-winning Raichlen (Miami Spice; High-Flavor Low-Fat Cooking) doesn't begin to convey the international scope of the nearly 500 grilling recipes he gathered while on a three-year, 25-country pilgrimage. Starting with appropriate drinks to accompany grilled food (try a Smoky Martini, flavored with a single drop of Liquid Smoke), Raichlen next turns to appetizers as varied as Shrimp Mousse on Sugarcane, which he discovered in Vietnam, and Grilled Snails, which Patricia Wells told him about during a trip to France. Entrees bold enough to stand up to such beginnings include Korean Sesame-Grilled Beef and cumin-scented Peruvian Beef Kebabs (adapted for American tastes with sirloin rather than beef heart). Raichlen's blendings of tastes and traditions are exemplified in Argentinian Veal and Chicken Kebabs, savory with pancetta, red bell pepper and prunes. Revered American traditions are captured with such recipes as Elizabeth Karmel's North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork and The Great American Hamburger. Raichlen also includes a host of non-grilled salads and vegetables to serve as worthy foils to the intense flavors of food hot from the fire. Sesame Spinach is a favorite dish from Japan, and A Different Greek Salad takes its zip from romaine and dill. This will be a must-have collection for any home cook hoping to expand his or her grilling horizons. (July)