cover image The House Takes a Vacation

The House Takes a Vacation

Jacqueline Davies. Marshall Cavendish Corporation, $16.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-7614-5331-4

Davies's (The Boy Who Drew Birds) outlandish tale stars a house that goes on a trip while its inhabitants are away. The cast includes the cool-guy roof (known to shout ""Dudes!"" and ""Surf's up!""), the dreamer sunporch (enthralled with the thought of seeing the sea) and the eager-to-please front door (""I'll lead the way!"")-each of which is personified with pun-filled voices that, depending on one's tolerance, is fun-filled or overkill. The basement ""refuses to rise to the occasion"" while the roof ""feels like it's got shingles,"" the chimney ""feels like it's got the flue,"" and the bedroom windows shout, ""Oh! The pane! The pane!"" White's (Stop that Nose!) earthtoned oil and pencil illustrations take readers along for the ride, with artwork so lively and fluid they'll feel as though they, too, are tumbling about on the rough surf alongside the house. The artist does a commendable job of endowing the house with personality without going too far. By story's end, the bungalow has returned from its adventure, no worse for the wear, and ultimately realizes that there is, in fact, no place like home. Ages 4-8.