cover image Seven Little Bunnies

Seven Little Bunnies

Julie Stiegemeyer, illus. by Laura J. Bryant. Marshall Cavendish, $15.99 ISBN 978-0-7614-5600-1

As bedtime approaches, seven little bunnies show no signs of slowing down. One bunny "thumps a big drum,/ hums and drums with a rum, pum, pum." His brothers and sisters prance around him and pursue other evening distractions. One snacks on a carrot with gusto, one splashes in the tub, and another enjoys a book. In rhyming stanzas that never falter, Stiegemeyer (Gobble Gobble Crash!) describes each restless bunny in turn and wonders, "will he stop?" The answer is always the same, and always appears on the facing page as the antic youngsters give in, one by one, with a repeated, hypnotic "Cozy,/ dozy,/ drowsy... / drop." Bryant (Yummiest Love) pictures the light brown, white-chinned bunnies in unique, identifiable blouses and shorts. As each of them drops off, they pile up in an ever-growing heap, with their long ears and paws floppy and eyes softly closed. Their parents tuck them "snug in bed,/ with Mama's kiss upon each head." Stiegemeyer and Bryant do justice both to the intense energy of children resisting slumber, and the sweet relaxation that eventually follows. Ages 3-8. (Feb.)