cover image Busy Builders

Busy Builders

Roxie Munro. Marshall Cavendish, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-7614-6105-0

Readers who are curious about insect habitats and behavior will find answers in this guide to their behind-the-scenes activities. Munro introduces nine insects by blowing each one up to fill an entire spread of its own (“This is a Red Harvester Ant... Where does it live?”), giving readers a close view. Busy intervening spreads depict the insect’s home. Harvester ants, for example, create subterranean chambers, which are divided into areas for food storage, nurseries, and other purposes, while a pine processionary caterpillar lives in a nest on a pine branch that “looks like cotton candy.” While the heavy blocks of text may trip up younger readers, it’s a useful exploration of a handful of insect species. Ages 5–11. (Apr.)