cover image Tweedle Dee Dee

Tweedle Dee Dee

Charlotte Voake, . . Candlewick, $16.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-7636-3797-2

Pages washed with pale green and covered with squiggly line drawings and watercolors instantly identify this book, an interpretation of the traditional English folk song “The Green Leaves Grew Around,” as the work of veteran illustrator Voake (Hello Twins ). The minimal textinvites a read-aloud—and even before arriving at the musical score on the final spread, readers are likely to find themselves singing. The language is circular: the chorus “and the green leaves grew around, around, around, and the green leaves grew around” returns on every other page, until the pattern is interrupted by a triumphant “Tweedle-Dee-Dee!” from a just-hatched bird. The rhythm echoes the visual one of the pages—in subdued hues of green, brown, gold and peach—that is suddenly disrupted by a colorful blast of three turquoise robin's eggs. Adding interest to the enormous tree and its many leaves that dominate the art, a girl and boy enjoy a picnic, then play with forest creatures. Their presence and activity offer a secondary plot that should help retain the audience's interest. Ages 3–5. (May)