cover image Quintana of Charyn

Quintana of Charyn

Melina Marchetta. Candlewick, $18.99 (528p) ISBN 978-0-7636-5835-9

Marchetta triumphantly concludes the trilogy that began with Finnikin of the Rock, as the kingdoms of Lumatere and Charyn attempt to bridge past atrocities through a new generation of leaders. Although tragedies arise, unity and healing are core themes, compared to the horrors of the previous books. As the title suggests, Quintana—the rightful ruler of Charyn, hidden following the uprising in the kingdom in Froi of the Exiles—is at the center of this final book. Forces conspire against Quintana while her beloved Froi tries to find the queen before her enemies do. One of the hallmarks of this series has been the complexity and attention Marchetta gives to both primary and secondary characters, creating a richly human cast of damaged but noble individuals; she frequently shifts perspective among them, highlighting the pain, joy, and experience that unites them despite prejudice, heartache, nationality, and other sources of division. Readers who have fallen in love with Quintana, Froi, Finnikin, Isaboe, and others will eagerly seek out what fate has in store for them. Ages 14–up. Agent: Jill Grinberg, Jill Grinberg Literary Management. (Mar.)