cover image The Horse’s Haiku

The Horse’s Haiku

Michael J. Rosen, illus. by Stan Fellows. Candlewick, $17.99 (48p) ISBN 978-0-7636-8916-2

In their fourth book of animal haiku, which began with 2009’s The Cuckoo’s Haiku, Rosen and Fellows pair crisp, contemplative haiku with sumptuous watercolors that reflect the strength and beauty of horses, as well as the bond between the animals and the humans who care for them. Rosen divides his work into three sections (“In the Field,” “At the Barn,” “In Saddle”), dwelling on small moments and observations that, together, create a composite portrait of horses’ lives. As a slash of black cuts across a winter field, “snowfall whitens all/ but two darks: unfrozen stream/ and horses huddled.” In a cozier image, a skewball horse is shown in profile in a barn: “dozing familiars:/ mare settled in her stall, cat/ balanced on her rump.” It’s a majestic collection that should leave readers spellbound, especially those devoted to horses themselves. Ages 6–9. (Mar.)