cover image Walk This Wild World

Walk This Wild World

Kate Baker, illus. by Sam Brewster. Big Picture Press, $18.99 (24p) ISBN 978-0-7636-9899-7

This addition to the Walk This World series explores biodiversity of 11 habitats, including the North American Sonoran desert, a Bornean swamp, the Congo, the Russian steppe, and the Himalayas. Brewster’s grainy, earth-toned art shows dozens of animals in each spread, which Baker introduces in brief, evocative descriptions: in the Scottish Hebrides, “a flurry of feathers meet. Dolphins dive below the waves, while playful puffins dip their feet.” Several animals appear on lift flaps, which offer additional details about each. A sloth is partially concealed behind a leafy palm: “The slow-moving sloth spends much of its life hanging upside down in the treetops. It grips onto the branches with its long, sharp claws.” End pages feature a world map with animal icons, enabling readers to associate them with their geographical regions. A far-reaching overview of world ecosystems for animal-loving readers. Ages 5–8. (May)