cover image The Sisters of Corinth

The Sisters of Corinth

Angela Hunt. Bethany House, $18.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-7642-4157-4

Hunt (The Emissaries) sends readers to ancient Rome for the immersive tale of a Christian convert who seeks to maintain her faith in a pagan world. The year is 60 CE and 15-year-old Mariana lives in Corinth, a city filled with worshippers of the Roman god Jupiter, among them her power-hungry father, Narkis, and stepsister Prima. While Mariana and her mother, Hester, feign partial allegiance to the Roman deities, the two have quietly become devoted to the Christian god, Adonai, and his son, Yeshua, since hearing his message from the “fiery emissary” Paulos. The family lives in relative peace until Narkis tries to make a match between one of his daughters and the son of a powerful governor of Achaia. Despite Mariana’s misgivings about marrying an idol worshipper, she and Marcus develop an attraction for each other, fueling jealous Prima’s attempts to break up the two. Meanwhile, Marcus is torn between Jupiter and Mariana’s god, a choice that grows increasingly perilous as Emperor Nero’s suspicion of Christians intensifies, putting Marcus’s hopes of becoming a governor at risk. Chapters alternate between Mariana and Prima to build suspense, and—while her conversion to Christianity is somewhat abruptly explained—Mariana’s fiery devotion to her faith adds energy to the fast-moving plot. Hunt’s fans will be eager to sink their teeth into this evocative historical and its inspiring message of faith in times of trial. (May)