cover image You Make It Feel Like Christmas

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Toni Shiloh. Bethany House, $14.99 trade paper (208p) ISBN 978-0-7642-4206-9

A woman falls fast for her brother’s best friend in this flimsy inspirational holiday romance from Shiloh (In Search of a Prince). The youngest of five successful siblings, Starr Lewis is ashamed to tell her family she’s been laid off from her job as a PR rep. To make matters worse, she’s expected to play loving maid of honor at her sister Angel’s Christmas wedding to Starr’s ex-boyfriend, who dumped her the day he met her sister. Starr’s fake joy becomes genuine, however, when the wedding allows her to reconnect with Waylon Emmerson. Six years her senior, Waylon always thought of Starr as his best friend’s little sister; but there’s nothing familial about his feelings when he sees her all grown up. After Starr volunteers to help Waylon market the financially struggling Christmas store he inherited from his mother, their time together goes from logos and displays to dinners and shared dreams. But when Starr is offered a new job in New York City, she must choose between love and career. The story sacrifices depth for brevity, speeding through both the romance that arises between Starr and Waylon and the shifting relationship between Starr and Angel. With no room for the characters to develop, they come across as unbelievably perfect, lacking flaws or even nuance. This is likely to please only those looking for pure fluff. Agent: Rachel McMillan, William K. Jensen Literary. (Sept.)