cover image It’s All in the Mix: Design Ideas for Living Well

It’s All in the Mix: Design Ideas for Living Well

Dann Foley. Schiffer, $39.99 (192p) ISBN 978-0-7643-6721-2

“By sharing tried-and-true advice from my more than thirty years of running my own design firm, I hope to inspire you to live better today than you did yesterday,” writes interior designer Foley in his inviting debut. He offers guidance on how to decorate each room of a house while showcasing how he’s applied the advice in homes he’s decorated. Starting with the entryway, Foley posits that stair runners offer the opportunity to “make a luxurious or bold statement” and shows how he “used three different vintage runners to create a unique staircase moment” in a foyer. For living rooms, he notes that “mixing sofas, love seats, lounges, daybeds, and chairs of varying sizes” makes the space more dynamic while also absorbing sound, and in the bedroom he recommends using dimmers on all lights and decorating with neutral tones to create a sense of calm. There are plenty of helpful tips (“When I am hanging [a chandelier] over a round table, I like the diameter to be similar to that of the table”) and Foley’s humor adds levity (“Any bed without a headboard is an affront to good taste and gracious living”). Additionally, the attractive photos from houses with diverse aesthetics highlight the possibilities within Foley’s general principles. This is a winner. (Jan.)