cover image THE BINDER'S ROAD


Terry McGarry, . . Tor, $27.95 (512pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-0428-5

In McGarry's imaginative and complex high fantasy novel, the sequel to her well-received debut, Illumination (2001), a handful of surviving mages are trying to rediscover their powers. It's six years after the Lightbreaker destroyed magic in Eiden Myr, a world quickly going to rack and ruin. The key to saving Eiden Myr lies with three orphaned girls—Pelufer, Elora and Caille—and Louarn, the young man they meet after being forced to flee their home. Their road takes them up hill and down dale, through desolate landscapes, multiple conspiracies and much bloodshed. As the story approaches its climax, the warrior Khinish threatens to invade Eiden Myr. Can Kazhe, a vividly portrayed drunken swordswoman ("Kazhe's cheekbone cracked against the table…"), stop Khinish in time? A huge cast of characters and rapidly shifting viewpoints make this a challenging read, but the author's talent for world-building and sure use of language will leave fans, especially those fond of big, intricate fantasies like Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, feeling more satisfied than confused. (Apr. 9)