cover image THE PIXEL EYE


Paul Levinson, . . Tor, $24.95 (334pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-0556-5

In this breezily chilling story, Levinson's latest near-future SF thriller to feature NYPD forensic detective Dr. Phil D'Amato (after 2002's The Consciousness Plague), D'Amato gets sucked into the Department of Homeland Security's national war on terror after he starts investigating missing and drugged squirrels in Central Park. In an attempt to gather information as unobtrusively as possible, research into using squirrels and hamsters as recording devices is underway at labs across the country. Yet if recording devices can be implanted in animals, can't they also be used as bombs? And if so, how do you stop, say, a squirrel bomber when you don't know if any of the squirrels is actually wired to explode—and even if you know one is, how do you identify it? These are the questions on D'Amato's mind as he races from New York to Boston to exciting Wilmington, Del., attempting to put the pieces together before catastrophe strikes. If the characters aren't all that three-dimensional, well, maybe that's a good thing. In this age of heightened security, the thought of keeping an eye out for suspicious-looking rodents is enough to send a shiver down most readers' spines. Agent, Christopher Lotts at Ralph Vicinanza Agency. (Aug. 6)