cover image EARTH LOGIC: Elemental Logic: Book Two

EARTH LOGIC: Elemental Logic: Book Two

Laurie J. Marks, . . Tor, $25.95 (400pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-0952-5

Twenty years after the invading Sainnites won the Battle of Lilterwess, the struggle for the world of Shaftal is far from finished in Marks's stirring, intricately detailed sequel to Fire Logic (2002). Mabin, the "last legitimate member of the old Lilterwess Council," leads the "black-dressed, gold-earringed" Paladins in the fight against the conquerors, while Karis—the lost G'deon of Shaftal, the woman with the power to save the land—sits on the sidelines and dares not act for fear of unintended and disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, a new band of zealots threatens to unbalance an already dangerous situation in Karis's name. Divided into five parts, each with an introductory fable reminiscent of Native American mythology, the novel builds suspense by shifting focus between Karis, with her quarrelsome family of elemental talents, and Lieutenant-General Clement, the female officer in charge of the Sainnite forces in Shaftal. Full of love and humor as well as war and intrigue, this well-crafted epic fantasy will delight existing fans as surely as it will win new ones. Agent, Donald Maass. (Mar. 24)

FYI: Fire Logic was a Romantic Times nominee for best fantasy novel of 2002.