cover image Hurricane Fever

Hurricane Fever

Tobias S. Buckell. Tor, $24.99 (272p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1922-7

In this near-future techno-thriller, monster Category 6 hurricanes and bio-warfare are the world’s two biggest threats. After thwarting an overheated anti-global warming scheme in Arctic Rising, Prudence “Roo” Jones, former agent of Caribbean Intelligence, returns to home waters. Drawn by the death of a colleague, Roo joins the dead man’s sister in poking into the business of a billionaire who employs neo-Nazi security. Navigating well-armed street gangs and insouciant rich people who throw “Hurricane Balls” to enjoy the storms, Roo doggedly pursues vengeance across islands hardened against the “new normal” weather and open to the new business opportunities. Buckell solidly links the political and the personal, both exemplified by subtle race-related interactions (for instance, at upper-crust parties, Roo is frequently mistaken for a servant). The scenes of sailing and spying action move quickly, and the climax, set on a supersized satellite-launching cannon, is one white cat shy of a Bond movie. (July)