cover image Blue Magic

Blue Magic

A.M. Dellamonica. Tor, $14.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1948-7

Dellamonica returns to the characters of Indigo Springs to examine the changes in the world now that the magic vitagua has been unleashed. Fanatic Sahara Knax, who pretended to be a goddess, and her sycophants are on trial for treason. Will Forest, who helped bring about their downfall, is now working with his old friend Astrid Lethewood to find his children, though Astrid is more focused on saving the world from an anticipated apocalypse. While the first novel was a tight book focusing on a small group of people, this volume is more ambitious. Unfortunately, Dellamonica can’t quite keep all of her story lines and characters untangled. The intriguing core concepts and potential for a worthwhile tale are lost in a quagmire of complex plotting as the threat of global disaster takes a backseat to Will’s personal issues, Sahara’s trial, and the squabbling of Astrid’s followers. Agent: Linn Prentis, Linn Prentis Literary Agency. (Apr.)