cover image The Eterna Solution

The Eterna Solution

Leanna Renee Hieber. Tor, $26.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-7653-3676-7

Hieber’s evocative but sluggish third Victorian-era paranormal (after Eterna and Omega) expands the adventures of the American Eterna and the British Omega supernatural investigating teams. In 1882 London, the members of the two groups sail to New York after defeating their nemesis, Beauregard Moriel. Clara Templeton detects something unnatural emitting from the transcontinental cable and Thomas Edison’s newfangled electric wires: someone is attaching dark magic onto emerging industrial wonders. Related to these events is the rise of Lady Celeste Tantagenet, an American connected to Beauregard in a tragic way. She desires to control the country and gain immortality. Her dastardly diversions send Eterna and Omega to the Statue of Liberty’s flame, Columbia University, and President Arthur’s White House. Refreshingly, the team members are diverse and respect their colleagues, who boast an eclectic mix of paranormal powers, so conflict comes from outside. The revelation of the new threat is encumbered by extensive gothic descriptions, but as the story delves more into the amiable characters’ backgrounds, friendships, and romances, readers will happily settle in. Agent: Paul Stevens, Donald Maass Literary. (Nov.)