cover image Fire Dance

Fire Dance

Ilana C. Myer. Tor, $26.99 (368p) ISBN 978-0-7653-7832-3

Forbidden enchantments and hidden machinations fill this well-plotted dark fantasy. Characters return from Myer’s first work, Last Song Before Night, the events of which form the backstory for this volume. Lin Amaristoth, now court poet of the Kingdom of Eivar, is sent on a mission of aid to the neighboring kingdom of Kahishi. King Eldakar of Kahishi is hoping that Lin’s different perspective and magic will be of assistance in discovering the force behind a series of eldritch attacks on small border villages. Lin and members of her retinue struggle to understand the byzantine plots of the court and learn whether the mysterious, magic-wielding Fire Dancers are really to blame for the attacks. In Eiver, Elissan Diar is named the newest archmaster of the Academy that trains poet-mages; soon after, Diar’s “chosen” begin studying dangerous magic at night. Valanir Ocune, Lin’s mentor, works in secret with his few allies on Academy Isle to thwart Diar’s plans. Subtle cultural elements are reminiscent of the medieval Arab world. Fans of epic fantasy and court intrigue will enjoy following the characters as they discover pieces of the truth. (Apr.)