cover image The Sum of All Shadows: A Testament Novel

The Sum of All Shadows: A Testament Novel

Eric Van Lustbader. Forge, $28.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-7653-8863-6

In bestseller Lustbader’s dense, complex fourth Testament novel (after 2018’s Four Dominions), artifacts expert Emma Shaw and her scholar brother, Bravo, must stop Lucifer (aka the Sum of All Shadows) from destroying the very fabric of heaven. With the help of new allies Ayla, who’s equipped with psychic powers, and Molly, who possesses powers of a vaguer sort, the Shaw siblings dive deep into the Hollow Lands to seek the secrets that will defeat Lucifer’s infernal army. Early on, Emma separates from the others and heads for the caverns beneath Lebanon to seek King Solomon’s mines, knowing that the treasure there might provide the group’s only means to conquer the Sum of All Shadows. Meanwhile, Bravo, Molly, and Ayla continue their quest after the unsettling experience of watching a painting of the Last Supper bleed human blood. Readers not already invested in this overwrought saga will struggle to keep track of the large cast. Those who like their apocalyptic thrillers unencumbered with character development will best appreciate this one. Agent: Henry Morrison, Henry Morrison Inc. (July)