cover image The Unconquered City

The Unconquered City

K. A. Doore. Tor, $18.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-7653-9859-8

Wild spirits run rampant in Doore’s thrilling third Chronicles of Ghadid fantasy (after The Impossible Contract), and Illi Basbowen feels she’s the one who can stop them. Illi and her cousins are assassins turned warriors who defend Ghadid against attacks from the zombie-like guul, monsters who invade from the Wastes outside the city. Guul attacks have only increased in the seven years since the Siege—when the dead rose up among the living—and now the city is hit with the largest attack yet. Simultaneously, Gen. Merrabel Barca arrives from the fledgling kingdom of Hathage to report that they too are under attack and reveal that her investigation into the guul’s origins has put her on the trail of Illi’s sometimes ally Heru Sametket, a blasphemous magic user, and the sajaami, a mysterious and powerful creature that Heru keeps bound in his lab. Merrabel’s accusations lead to citizens destroying Heru’s lab, nearly freeing the sajaami. Desperate and running out of time, Illi must find a way to defeat the sajaami without it unleashing its destructive power on the city and those she loves. Doore’s breathtaking worldbuilding and diverse cast make this impressive epic fantasy fare. Fans will be gratified, and new readers will have no trouble jumping in. Agent: Kurestin Armada, Root Literary. (June)