cover image Every Last Lie

Every Last Lie

Mary Kubica. Park Row, $26.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-7783-1998-6

Bestseller Kubica returns to form with this chilling psychological thriller after 2016’s disappointing Don’t You Cry. One sunny day, while dozing at home with newborn Felix, Clara Solberg expects the knock at the door to be husband Nick bringing four-year-old Maisie back from ballet; instead it’s a cop notifying her about a car crash that’s left her husband in a Chicago-area hospital, already brain-dead. The news is unthinkable, almost as impossible for her to credit as the notion that Nick could have been speeding around a hairpin turn with Maisie in the back seat. But once the shell-shocked widow begins digging, it starts to look as though the accident—if it was an accident—could be only one part of their lives that’s significantly more sinister than appearances suggested. Although Kubica allows an increasingly unhinged Clara to pinball too freely among various paranoid scenarios, she shows herself once again to be a master of suspenseful manipulation (and occasionally misdirection) with her shuffling of narrators and chronology. Agent: Rachael Dillon Fried, Greenburger Associates. (June)