cover image The Murderers’ Club

The Murderers’ Club

P. D. Martin, . . Mira, $24.95 (376pp) ISBN 978-0-7783-2441-6

Martin’s brisk, enjoyable follow-up to Body Count finds FBI profiler Sophie Anderson facing the most disturbing case of her career. Sophie’s unique ability to visualize murder scenes at the moment of the crime still haunts her, as she finds herself unable to block heinous images of murders being committed. Her colleague, Det. Darren Carter of Tucson (Ariz.) Homicide, is the only person who knows about Sophie’s gift and how she uses it in her work. During their initial investigation of a recent homicide, Sophie and Darren realize that they are dealing with the rare phenomenon of a female serial killer. But as new murders occur, Sophie slowly figures out that she and Darren are faced with multiple serial killers working in unison, and she realizes that they must move fast to prevent the next murder. Martin provides solid entertainment as she takes a high-concept premise and runs with it. The narrative is fast-moving, the protagonists likable, the police detail and dialogue believable and the serial killers just as evil as they need to be. (Dec.)