cover image Demon’s Kiss

Demon’s Kiss

Maggie Shayne, . . Mira, $6.99 (395pp) ISBN 978-0-7783-2497-3

The latest from bestseller Shayne (Prince of Twilight) is an interesting, inventive tale of vampires with a world that’s almost too fully realized, occasionally suffering from plot overload. Before he became a vampire, Reaper worked for the CIA; now he works solo, as a hired assassin. Reaper’s latest commission is the rogue vampire Gregor, who along with his followers is leaving a trail of blood-drained corpses that may, if unchecked, reveal the carefully hidden world of vampires to the blissfully unsuspecting mortal masses. Complicating Reaper’s mission is Seth, a newly turned vampire he’s compelled to bring along on his assignment. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed “lone wolf,” that opens the door to other unwanted partners: Roxy, a Wicca healer; the vampiress Topaz; and a shape-shifter called Vixen, each of whom has her own reasons for wanting Gregor stopped. Shayne crafts a convincing world, tweaking vampire legends just enough to draw fresh blood. Though her attention to a number of subplots can frustrate, they’ll also suck in an audience for the inevitable sequel. (Dec.)