cover image Who Are You Following? Pursuing Jesus in a Social-Media Obsessed World

Who Are You Following? Pursuing Jesus in a Social-Media Obsessed World

Sadie Robertson Huff. Thomas Nelson, $24.99 (224p) ISBN 978-0-7852-8991-3

In a culture consumed by social media, Huff (Live) challenges Christians to reevaluate their influences in this commonsensical treatise. She draws from scriptural examples, personal experience, and statistical research to tackle the positive and negative effects of social media, which she calls “numbing.” Huff is transparent about her own struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with social media, and opens by deleting her Instagram account, which had caused insecurity and a “crooked smile.” She cautions Christians to be selective in curating their feeds, reminding them that Jesus is utmost the “leader and influencer worth following.” Huff shares practical guidelines (like the social media reset) to help the faithful suss out whether they’re spiritually guided; for instance, she contrasts biblical truth versus relative truth, the “like” button versus unconditional love, and followers versus friendship. She cheerfully emphasizes that everyone is born with a God-given purpose—“to love God and love people”—and while she admits she sometimes posts “a silly dance video,” her overarching purpose is to use technology “to spread the good news.” Huff also takes on “cancel culture,” offering compassion as an alternative, noting that Jesus was often misunderstood. The sensitivity and ease by which the author applies scriptural principles sets Huff apart from the typical millennial influencer. This is an insightful guide for the Christian Instagram set. Agent: Brandi Bowles, United Talent Agency (Feb.)