cover image OUT OF SIGHT


T. J. MacGregor, Author . Pinnacle $6.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-786

Ambitious scientist George Nash and Luis Manteles, an Ecuadoran shaman, have finally created the technology to make humans and objects invisible, but their project gets out of hand when an experiment with Tyler and Logan Griffin, their first ever human test subjects, goes awry. Three years later, Logan, who escaped shortly after becoming invisible, sneaks into Nash's Florida compound to free her husband, whom Nash has confined in a glass house. With the help of her visible roommate, Logan shuts down the computer system—at the same time that the Townsends, a family of three, wander into the test site. Consequently, the Townsends, along with a super intelligent Labrador retriever, turn invisible. Now targets of an effort by the National Security Bureau (NSB) to capture them, family and dog are forced on the run. After a plethora of close calls, a killing and a miraculous healing, all characters converge in a heady conclusion that hinges on Nash. Will he end the project or hand the Griffins, the Townsends and his life's work over to the NSB? MacGregor's (The Other Extreme) pseudoscientific explanations of Nash's "shrouding" technology are beyond belief, but her characters are drawn convincingly. Despite the familiarity of the story line, readers will easily get caught up in the suspense of the chase. (Sept)