cover image The Dark Ones

The Dark Ones

Anthony Izzo, . . Kensington, $6.99 (373pp) ISBN 978-0-7860-1876-5

Lars Engel is hell’s own lieutenant, brought to life to rain down misery on the world. He commands a legion of sadistic demons, the Dark Ones, who torture and kill everything in their path. As Engel reincarnates in Buffalo, N.Y., bent on destruction, the only force that can stop him is made up of Guardians, humans with the hereditary capability of killing demons with the power of the Light. The strongest among them is 16-year-old Sara, who was stolen from her mother and raised by strangers to keep her safe from Engel. Sara runs away from home to find her long-lost mother, Laura, who lives in Buffalo—just as Engel arises. The latest from Izzo (Evil Harvest ) is violent and dark, but without excessive gore—quite an accomplishment when working with demons who like to flay their victims. Deliciously, Izzo saves the more genuine terror for the human response to demonic chaos. (June)