cover image Act of Terror

Act of Terror

Marc Cameron. Pinnacle, $9.99 mass market (416p) ISBN 978-0-7860-2495-7

Cameron’s action-packed, over-the-top second thriller featuring Jericho Quinn (after 2011’s National Security) finds Quinn ostensibly working for the Office of Special Investigations, USAF. In fact, as “an other government agent” (or OGA), he acts at the behest of the president as “a protector, a blunt instrument—a hammer” when the more traditional security agencies can’t get the job done. Quinn and a variety of other agents go up against a plethora of villains, including a renegade congressman, a Turkoman assassin, a Pakistani mastermind, and assorted terrorists, homegrown and foreign. Besides wreaking general havoc across America, the evildoers are planning a massive strike against political bigwigs attending the wedding of the U.S. vice president’s daughter. Most of the characters are off-the-shelf, but if your tastes run to females and children in peril, torture, bloodbaths, explosions, treachery and mayhem on a grand scale, this one is for you. Agent: Robin Rue, Writers House. (May)