cover image Book Pack Level Three

Book Pack Level Three

Nancy Van Laan, Holly Meade, Hyperion Books. Hyperion Books, $16.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-7868-1053-6

Reading made easier is the goal of Hyperion's practical Book Packs, three boxes each containing eight paperback picture books and each graduated in difficulty-texts become longer and more involved, pictures less integral to the plots-from Level One up to Level Three; covering a wide range of subjects, the books feature the work of such well-known illustrators as Lizi Boyd, Kevin Hawkes, Lisa Campbell Ernst and Nadine Bernard Westcott ($16.95 each, ages 4-7, Level 1, ISBN 0-7868-1051-3; Level 2, -1052-1; Level 3, -1053-X Apr.).