cover image The Power of Positive Prophecy: Finding the Hidden Potential in Everyday Life

The Power of Positive Prophecy: Finding the Hidden Potential in Everyday Life

Laurie Beth Jones. Hyperion Books, $21.95 (270pp) ISBN 978-0-7868-6350-1

Having popularized her offbeat brand of Christian inspiration with Jesus, CEO and Jesus in Blue Jeans, Jones returns with a notion that nicely coincides with secular interest in intuition and psychic phenomena. In an argument that is more earnest than persuasive, she suggests the importance of ""prophecy"" as an influence on behavior. Jones views prophecy as a divine message that manifests in spoken words, dreams or symbols that are transmitted through individuals, angels and even animals. Rooting her work in the Bible, popular culture and personal experience, she writes simplistically and lightens the work with remarks such as that Noah ""went straight to Home Depot"" for lumber upon hearing the prophecy of a flood. With the help of sample prayers and reflective questions, she encourages readers to recognize and benefit from prophecy in all its forms. Though, on the one hand, she movingly shows how children's lives have been influenced by both encouraging and discouraging comments from adults, on the other, she attributes an importance to names (e.g., the name Regina or the surname Strong) that is overblown. Interpreting prophecy in instances of defeat, desire, expectation and protest, and as self-fulfilling, a helpful chapter on overcoming negative prophecies works effectively as a pep talk on attitude. In fact, the larger message here is about positive attitude and good communication with oneself and others. Agent, Julie Castiglia; radio satellite tour. (Oct.)