cover image One Perfect Spring

One Perfect Spring

Irene Hannon. Revell, $14.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-8007-2267-8

Hannon—bestselling author of short romance and romantic suspense—is also known for her long romance (That Certain Summer). This latest novel will certainly add to her fan base, thanks to her writing expertise and clear love of romance. When 11-year-old Haley Summers writes a letter to a charitable foundation requesting help for Dr. Maureen Chandler, a friend who wants to find the son she put up for adoption years ago, Keith Watson is given the task. Keith finds out more than he bargained for, as he digs into Maureen’s past and meets her young friend Haley, and, more importantly, Haley’s mom Claire. All the adults—Keith, Claire, Maureen, and Keith’s boss David McMillan—have pasts that haunt them, and each must face the past to move forward. Hannon’s multithread plot is woven beautifully together to create a tapestry that will enchant romantics of all ages. (May)