cover image Blackberry Beach

Blackberry Beach

Irene Hannon. Revell, $16.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-80073-615-6

Hannon (Starfish Pier) whips up more romance in the pleasing seventh installment of her series set in quaint Hope Harbor, Ore. A-list actor Katherine Parker winds up in town seeking refuge from the Hollywood paparazzi. She wants nothing to do with love, but Zach Garrett, a former investment banker turned coffee shop owner, intrigues her more than she cares to admit. Katherine resolves to avoid him and is surprised to discover, upon moving in to her rental home, that they are neighbors. The two bond over a shared love of food and their mutual desire to escape high-pressure careers. But while Zach, a Christian who believes God intervened to realign his life priorities, has already taken the leap away from corporate America, a dream movie deal may lure Katherine back to Hollywood. In a separate story line, Zach’s retired aunt comes to visit and finds an unexpected chance at love with a widower who works at Zach’s café. All of these devout, questioning characters look to God’s guidance to discern which paths they should take. Both series fans and newcomers will delight in the tender romance and comforting atmosphere. [em](Apr.) [/em]