cover image Countdown


Lynette Eason. Revell, $17.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-800-73736-8

In the pulse-pounding finale to Eason’s Extreme Measures series (after Critical Threat), paramedic Raina Price must sacrifice her own safety to protect her abusive ex-boyfriend’s son. Raina has long been running from her nightmare of an ex, Kevin Anderson, who left her hospitalized with broken bones and a ruptured spleen when she broke up with him years ago. While watching TV, she sees an interview with a young snowboarding star named Michael Harrison and his adoptive mother. Michael bears an uncanny resemblance to Kevin, and Raina becomes convinced that the boy is her ex’s son. Worried Kevin will seek him out, Raina resolves to find and warn Michael’s family, enlisting the help of U.S. marshal Vince Covelli to do so. Meanwhile, in California, Keith Baldridge—the man Raina knows as Kevin Anderson—sees the same interview and becomes set on finding the boy. As Raina works to locate Michael, danger to her own life encroaches and she must place her safety in God’s hands—something she’s always struggled to do. Eason dives straight into the action, teasing out a tense cat-and-mouse game between Kevin and Raina alongside Raina’s budding relationship with Vince. This high-stakes series conclusion will keep readers hooked through the last page. (Aug.)