cover image Present Danger

Present Danger

Elizabeth Goddard. Revell, $15.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-8007-3798-6

Goddard (Don’t Keep Silent) opens her Rocky Mountain Courage series with this thrilling romance set amid an investigation into a smuggling ring. Detective Jack Tanner reunites with former girlfriend Terra Connors, who works for the Montana Forest Service, when a body is found deep in the woods outside of Big Rapids, Mont. The dead person is Jim Raymond, a well-known local insurance salesman. While investigating Jim’s death, Terra and Jack find an stolen cache of Native American artifacts in a remote cabin. Terra is certain that they have stumbled on a smuggling ring. When Terra returns to the cabin and someone sets it on fire with her inside, the investigation switches from potential theft to attempted murder, and they begin to suspect Jim might have been an unwitting accomplice to a sinister operation. As Jack and Terra close in on the smuggling ring—and learn just how lucrative smuggling Native American artifacts can be—they are no longer sure who in Big Rapids can be trusted. As more attempts on Terra’s life are made, the possibility of losing each other forces Terra and Jack to admit their feelings and give their relationship a second chance. Though faith elements are subtle, this will be a great entry point for those new to Goddard’s high-octane inspirationals. (Apr.)