cover image Double Agent

Double Agent

Tom Bradby. Atlantic Monthly, $26 (368p) ISBN 978-0-8021-5764-5

In Bradby’s engrossing sequel to 2019’s Secret Service, MI6 agent Kate Henderson rides point on a career-jeopardizing investigation of Prime Minister James Ryan. The case centers on a Mikhail Borodin, Russia’s former intelligence chief’s son, who has offered Kate a lurid tape showing Ryan molesting underage girls in Kosovo 25 years earlier, evidence that the Russians are supposedly using as blackmail. In exchange for the video and accompanying record of bribe payments, Borodin wants to be allowed to defect, along with his family. But is the video authentic? And what might be the political consequences of a British leader being taken down in such disgrace? Meanwhile, Kate must navigate a slew of personal problems—issues with her two teenage kids, a difficult mother, and a new junior agent, Suzy Spencer, whose bold behavior is suspiciously well-meaning. The tantalizingly ambiguous ending will leave the reader wondering what’s in store for Kate. Bradby does a fine job balancing the professional with the personal. Agent: George Lucas, Inkwell Management. (Nov.)