cover image 77 Ways to Beat Colds and Flu: A People's Medical Society Book

77 Ways to Beat Colds and Flu: A People's Medical Society Book

Charles B. Inlander. Walker & Company, $14.95 (87pp) ISBN 978-0-8027-1304-9

Although Inlander, president of the People's Health Society, an advocacy group, and health writer Moran go beyond the traditional advice to ``drink chicken soup like your mom told you,'' don't expect to find in this book many suggestions that common sense and your own doctor haven't already told you. While no cure yet exists for such annoying and potentially dangerous afflictions as colds or flu, this book tends to focus on the obvious: keep away from people who are already ill; wash your hands frequently; use paper towels. Some readers and their mothers, however, might take exception to the authors' advice to sneeze toward the floor rather than to using your hands to cover a sneeze. Nearly everyone knows that taking vitamin C can boost the immune system; still, the authors believe it's necessary to repeat this. They also advise readers to think positively, relax, laugh away colds, make friends and schedule rewards for oneself. Their most interesting discussion-albeit brief-assesses promising cold and flu research. (Jan.)