cover image Get Happy

Get Happy

Malachy Doyle, illus. by Caroline Uff. Walker, $15.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-8027-2271-3

With contents as authoritative as its title, this picture book pairs positive behaviors with less desirable ones. "Squabble less," writes Doyle, as a pair of children, presumably siblings, fight over a stuffed bear. "Share more!" appears opposite, as the same couple splits a bag of candy (even the bear looks pleased). Other basic pairings follow ("Sniffle less./ Snuggle more!/ Grumble less./ Giggle more!"), as Uff portrays the siblings and a wider cast of children in alternately cheery and antagonistic scenes. If the book doesn't have much use for kids' more selfish inclinations, it provides a roadmap to a less fraught home life%E2%80%94for kids willing to follow its advice. Ages 3%E2%80%936. (June)