cover image Unforgettable


Loretta Ellsworth. Walker, $16.99 (256p) ISBN 978-0-8027-2305-5

Baxter Green, a 15-year-old who remembers every detail of his life dating back to an accident at age three, is the anxious, awkward hero of this offbeat modern romance. After his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Dink, is freed from prison for credit card fraud, Baxter (who testified against Dink in court and stole some of his money) flees California with his mother to begin a new life in Wellington, Minn., where his kindergarten soul mate, Halle, now resides. Baxter (who also has synesthesia) recalls every detail of their short-lived romance, but Halle has no memory of him. Just as Baxter seems to be making headway, regaining Halle’s affection, Dink discovers their new address and may be on his way to seek revenge. Ellsworth (In a Heartbeat) has hold of a fascinating premise, and while Baxter’s synesthesia feels like overkill, readers get a sense of the stress Baxter’s perfect memory brings. Readers will appreciate both the story’s literary allusions (Baxter’s class is reading The Great Gatsby) and Baxter’s desire to be “normal” and his determination to recapture the past as he remembers it. Ages 12–up. (Sept.)