cover image SONG OF CREATION


Paul Goble, . . Eerdmans, $16 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8028-5271-7

In crisp, evocative watercolors that depict a wide spectrum of nature's beauty, Goble (The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses ) creates harmony with lyrics that have their roots in the Book of Daniel as well as The Liturgy of the Hours and The Book of Common Prayer . "O all you works of the Lord, bless you the Lord: praise him, and magnify him forever, " begins the text. Subsequent verses, some appearing in fine print, akin to captions, implore all manner of flora and fauna, from dandelions to vultures to moose, to praise the Lord. Goble's sweeping vistas of beasts roaming the mountains and plains, moths in the night skies and scarlet-capped redpoll birds perched on snow-covered tree branches show a gorgeous cross-section of God's gifts to the world. This presentation will surely help young readers develop or bolster an appreciation of Divine handiwork. All ages. (Sept.)